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dublang history

before the history some words about why dublang was created


the motivations to create dublang was

  1. to take the advantage of the client-server architecture implemented in most part of the live coding tools to allows servers management indepently from the text editor
  2. to do live coding mixing multiple live coding tools and languages in the same source code on the same session
  3. integrates as many tools as possible, not only live coding languages, but also any tool that could be useful on a live coding session
  4. propose a structure and a workflow to organize and manage live coding projects for artwork creation and for live performances, when possible using software engineering good practices


dublang was formely created with the name hrung, the project development started in 10 Dec 2021

in 27 january 2023 it was renamed to dublang and splitted into a multi-repository project

besides the dublang development itself, some other sub-projects were created to integrate tools, examples

the first dublang public release 0.1.1 was made at 21 May 2023 and announced at twitter

screenshot of the 1st dublang release tweet

dublang 0.2.0 was released on 23 may 2023 with some minor fixes and including a new cli command dublang run

on 7 august 2023 version 0.3.0 was released including new plugins for gource and git

on 20 august 2023 dublang version 0.4.0 was released including new plugins for sm (screen-message) and mpv media player

on 26 august 2023 the dublang logo was created, below we see an animation based on the logo image

the logo was designed by marimoura, below are the schetches

and it was vetorized in svg using inkscape by joenio

dublang 0.5.0 was released on 9th october 2023 including new plugins for nvimqt and alda, new command dublang apps to open applications like OBS and Le Biniou

lua modules architecture refactored

dublang 0.6.0 was released on 04 december 2023

this versions was dedicated to re-design and clean the source code removing code duplication

the lua code was refactored to reflect the architecture below

see the complete dublang architecture document here

besides the refactoring the 0.6.0 version adds a new plugin for foxdot

dublang 0.7.0 released on 02 may 2024 includes

(to be continued...)

site versions

thanks to the Codeberg Pages it is possible to have access to old dublang website versions

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