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supercollider plugin

plugin for SuperCollider real-time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition environment

supercollider plugin can execute SuperCollider programming language through the sclang client

example (SuperCollider sine wave synth)


SynthDef("osc", {
  arg freq;
  Out.ar([0,1], SinOsc.ar(freq, 0, 0.25));

x = Synth("osc", ["freq", 420]);

x.set("freq", 280);


supercollider boot files

the dublang supercollider service can run some boot files automatically when the supercollider service is started

those boot files are useful to run SuperCollider code usually needed by other plugins, such as SuperDirt.start() required by the tidalcycles or sardine, or the FoxDot.start() required by foxdot

currently on dublang version 0.6.0 there are the following boot files for supercollider

  1. supercollider-01-supercollider.scd
  2. supercollider-02-tidalcycles.scd
  3. supercollider-03-foxdot.scd
  4. supercollider-04-sardine.scd

supercollider lua functions

supercollider plugin define some lua functions for common cases such as loading SuperDirt samples, as those are lua functions it must be executed under #!dublang region

example (loading sounds from "./samples/*")



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